20,000 Layers farm in Luanda Angola , using the A type layer battery cage.
  • Customer Name:20,000 Layers farm in Luanda Angola , using the A type layer battery cage.
  • Status:In Process
  • Date:2023-11
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Project Details

Project Background

This is one of the commercial layer farms in Luanda, Angola. With the concept of supplying high-quality commercial eggs in Angola, Poultry farming in the African country Angola is developing, This client wants to have more layers on his farm to expand egg production


Customer Requirement

The farm has a history of 8 years. With the increase in market demand, customers need to improve equipment to reduce labor. Difengou provides automatic equipment solutions based on farm conditions.

Project Solution

After discussing with our engineering team, we understand that what customers need is a higher standard solution, less human labor, and more egg productivity. Our engineer offers an automatic solution for auto feeding, auto drinking, and auto manure removal system, auto egg collection.

Equipment Details

It is an A-type layer chicken cage solution, each shed is 20,000 layer birds, 4 rows per shed. Auto feeding system, auto drinking system, auto manure removal system. They only need 2 workers for egg collection. The solution can meet customer requirements by reducing human labor.

Advantage Of The Solution

The main advantage is that the cage is designed and installed according to the requirements of the customer. Our engineer helps customers to revert the old farm to a new style chicken farm, with an automatic solution, they can manage the bird well. The even better advantage is that an automatic system can help the farm reduce bird mortality and increase egg production quantity.

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