Small household layer farm in Gauteng South Africa

Project Details

Project Background

This is a very popular small household layer farm in Gauteng, South Africa. This client started this business because the local government is funding small farmers to start the poultry business. So plan to start the layer farm with the A-type layer battery cage

Customer Requirement

The client wants to use the A-type layer battery cage for his layers. It needs to be the manual type of equipment, So he could save the investment for the business.

Project Solution

We provide 8-10 sets of A-type layer cages for him. So he could keep around 1,000 layers on his farm.

Equipment Details

It is the manual type equipment solution, manual feeding, manure removal, and egg collection, But the drinking will be automatic.

Advantage Of The Solution

The main advantage is that this system could save clients energy to take care of the layers. also, it is durable to use. The hot galvanized cages he could use for over 20 years. if you also want to set up the farm in South Africa, welcome to contact us.

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