5,000 layers farm A type layer battery cage in Kinshasa Congo

Project Details

Project Background

This is one of the commercial layer farms in Kinshasa, Congo. This is the first time for client to started the business. So plan to start the farm with the point of laying hens.


Customer Requirement

The client has signed a contract with a local supermarket to supply the eggs to the market. Previously he bought the eggs from the farm and resold it to the market. right now he wants to produce his own eggs

Project Solution

After discussing with our engineering team, we understand that what customers need is a starter solution, less automatic but with the option to upgrade to automatic equipment in the future. Our engineer offers an automatic solution for manual feeding, auto drinking, and auto manure removal system.

Equipment Details

It is an A-type layer chicken cage solution, each shed is 5,000 layer birds, 2 rows per shed. Manual feeding system, auto drinking system, auto manure removal system. They only need 2 workers for egg collection. It is very friendly for beginners.

Advantage Of The Solution

The main advantage is that the cage is designed and installed according to the requirements of the customer.  they can manage the birds well. The even better advantage is that this system is very easy for beginner to have a try to start the poultry business.

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