10,000 point of laying layer farm in Abidjan Côte d’Ivoire

Project Details

Project Background

This customer already has a cocoa farm there. Both his father and grandfather cultivated cocoa, and he has been doing so since he was 17 years old. Right now he is exporting Cocoa to European companies, the layer farm is his second business there.


Customer Requirement

He wants to start with the point of laying hens. That will make it easier to start with, as day-old chicks will face some challenges in taking care of them

Project Solution

A-type fully automatic layer chicken cage with 10,000pcs layer birds per shed. It will have an automatic feeding machine, automatic manure scrapper, and feed mill to produce feed to reduce the cost. Also, he got the solar power system for his farm. So he could have electricity on his farm when there is power off.

Equipment Details

This whole project is equipped with a fully automatic system, including * Cage system; * Auto drinking system; * Auto feeding system; Auto manure removal system; * Lighting system; * Ventilation fans to reduce the heat when the weather is hot.

Advantage Of The Solution

The system could reduce the contact of humans and chickens, to reduce the disease transmission risk. Also, the ventilation and cooling system could make the layer have a higher laying rate.

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