Vertical poultry feed grinders and mixers

Vertical poultry feed grinders and mixers

  • Brand:Difengou
  • Color:Customized
  • Size:Large, Medium, Small
  • Package:Container
  • Service life:Over 20 years

Introduction of poultry animal feed grinder and mixer:

Vertical poultry feed grinders and mixers are suitable for family farms, such as small and medium chicken farms, pig farms, etc. It not only can crush and mix materials at the same time but also the two parts can also work separately.
It integrates crushing and mixing, which can also be called a combined feed crushing and mixing machine, and a feed crushing and mixing unit. There are two types of self-priming feed crushing and mixing integrated machines and forced feed crushing and mixing integrated machines.

Features of animal feed grinder and mixer:

1. It absorbs the raw materials automatically by itself;
2. Vertical 2 in 1 type makes it occupy a small room ;
3. It can be used for kinds of raw materials like grains, grass, straw ;
4. It can be driven by a diesel engine or electric motor.

Working principle of animal feed grinder and mixer:

1. Grinding part: There are automatic feeding and manual feeding. When the material is sucked or sent into the crushing chamber, it is quickly crushed into powder or granular under the continuous blow of the rotary vane and the rubbing of the crushing chamber. Then, it is discharged into the impeller box through the sieve hole and then enters the feeding pipe.

2. Mixing part: When the material propeller rotates, the material is forced into the feeding pipe from the impeller chamber, and when it is lifted to the upper side by the rotating conveyor, the material in the agitating atomization box is lifted up, and down and the circular rotation is scattered and turned. From a mixing process, the effect is extremely uniform, very ideal.

Model DFO500 DFO1000 DFO1500 DFO2000
Capacity (kg) 500~750 1000~1200 1200~1500 1500~2000
Crusher Power (kw) 7.5 11 11 15
Mixer Power (kw) 2.2 3 4 4
Size (m) 2.3*1.05*2.5 2.4*1.3*2.9 2.65*1.45*3 2.8*1.75*3.1
Weight (kg) 230 320 380 430

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