Poultry Equipment Solutions and Farm Layout Design for 20,000 Layers in a 40HQ Container
  • Customer Name:Poultry Equipment Solutions and Farm Layout Design for 20,000 Layers in a 40HQ Container
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  • Date:2023-05
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Project Details

Equipment and Farmhouse Details:

Cage Size and Type: 1950*460*420mm 3-tier 5-door cage
Birds Quantity: 120 layers per set of cages
Layout: 42 sets of cages per row, 4 rows of cages, a total of 168 sets of cages
20,160 Layer Farmhouse Size: 92*15*3 meters
Total Bird Quantity: 168 sets of cages * 120 layers per set of cages = 20,160 layers inside one house

Equipment Details:

The 168 sets of cages with the basic setting:

Cage mesh, cage doors, and cage frame: These parts together form one set of the cage where you can house the layers.
Feed trough: A feeding trough where you can provide feed for the layers.
Nipple drinking line: A system that provides water to the layers automatically.
Additional Settings:

Automatic ladder feeding machine: An automated feeding system that helps in the efficient distribution of feed to the layers.
Automatic manure removal machine: A machine that automates the removal of manure from the cages, maintaining cleanliness and hygiene.

All of the equipment can be effectively packed inside a 1*40HQ container.

If you would like to inquire about the cost of this system, kindly reach out to us with your country port information. We will be glad to provide you with a comprehensive quote, including the transportation cost to your port.

This is the poultry equipment solution for clients who want to set up a farm in Lusaka Zambia.

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