Poultry Equipment Solutions and Farm Layout Design for 10,000 Layers in a 20GP Container
  • Customer Name:Poultry Equipment Solutions and Farm Layout Design for 10,000 Layers in a 20GP Container
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  • Date:2023-05
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Project Details

Equipment and Farmhouse Details:

Cage Size and Type: 1950*460*420mm 3-tier 5-door cage

Birds Quantity: 120 layers per set of cages

Layout: 42 sets of cages per row, 2 rows of cages, a total of 84 sets of cages 10,080 Layer

Farmhouse Size: 92*8*3 meters

Total Bird Quantity: 84 sets of cages * 120 layers per set of cages = 10,080 layers inside one house


Equipment Details:

The 84 sets of cages with the basic setting:

  • Cage mesh, cage doors, and cage frame: These parts together form one set of the cage where you can house the layers.
  • Feed trough: A feeding trough where you can provide feed for the layers.
  • Nipple drinking line: A system that provides water to the layers automatically.

Additional Settings:

  • Automatic Ladder feeding machine: An automated feeding system that helps in the efficient distribution of feed to the layers.
  • Automatic manure removal machine: A machine that automates the removal of manure from the cages, maintaining cleanliness and hygiene.

All of the equipment can be efficiently packed inside a 1*20GP container.

If you are interested in knowing the cost of this system, please feel free to contact us and provide your country port details. We will work out a quote for you, including the transportation cost to your port.

This is the most popular equipment solution for clients in Tamale, Ghana, and Ibadan Nigeria.

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