18,000PCS layer chicken cage project In Ogun Nigeria

Project Details

Project Background

This is one of the commercial layer farms in Ogun Nigeria. The farm has been operated for over 30 years with traditional system, they want to convert the farm to modern equipment battery cage system.

Customer Requirement

Since the traditional farming style require more human labor, they want to reduce workers to reduce project cost, increase profit. They’ve visited other farm with modern equipment, decided to go with A type layer chicken cage system with semi-auto solution.

Project Solution

Since customer already have chicken shed, we designed the total quantity for the layer chicken cage system. Each shed can hold 6,000pcs layer birds, total 3 shed load 18,000pcs layer birds. In order to reduce human labor, we offer semi-auto feeding system.

Equipment Details

It is an 4-Tier A-type layer chicken cage solution, each shed is 6,000pcs layer birds, 2 rows per shed, total 3 sheds. Feeding trolley system, auto drinking system.

Advantage Of The Solution

The main advantage is that the cage is that it is hot-dip galvanizing material chicken cage, it do not getting rusted easily and the cage system can be lasting for 15-20 years.

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