15,000PCS layer chicken cage project in Ndola Zambia

Project Details

Project Background

This is one of the commercial layer farms in Ndola, Zambia. Customer run a layer farm with chicken cage, the chicken cage they adopting bring more mortality, the mortality is 10-20pcs birds per day due to the design default.

Customer Requirement

The farm has a history of 3 years. Due to the mortality of the old one, they need to find a new one with less mortality to meet the increasing of the marketing requirement.

Project Solution

After discussing with our engineer team, we understand that what customers’ layer chicken cage is with design default, therefore we suggest him the 4-Tier A type layer chicken cage, 120pcs birds per set. It can reduce the mortality and semi-auto feeding system can reduce human labor of the farm.

Equipment Details

It is an A-type layer chicken cage solution, each shed is 15,000pcs layer birds, 3 rows per shed. Feeding trolley system, auto drinking system, auto manure removal system. They only need 2 workers for egg collection. The solution can meet customer requirements of reducing human labor.

Advantage Of The Solution

The main advantage is that the cage is that it can reduce the mortality of the bird, allows the farm produce more eggs, bring more profits. The feeding trolley system can reduce feed waste, the manure removal system can keep the shed clean, so that less hazard to the bird caused by ammoina.

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