Solar cold room for poultry meat

Solar cold room for poultry meat

  • Brand:Difengou
  • Color:Customized
  • Size:Large, Medium, Small
  • Package:Container
  • Service life:Over 20 years

Solar-powered cold rooms are an affordable storage solution for any agricultural goods, such as fish, vegetables, beverages, and dairy products. The compact design allows for low shipping costs; 6 kits can be shipped in a 40ft container. The equipment is easy to handle. All parts can be assembled by hand, and no crane or heavy truck is required. Available from 10m3 to 20m3.

– Temperature range from -5°C to +15°C
– Outside temperature standard 43°C (extended version available)
– Cooling power from 1.0 to 3.0 kW (extended version available)
– Cold rooms in rural areas and warehouses with small cooling loads
– Logistics hubs
– Collection centers for agricultural goods
– Shops and retail hubs
– Allowance to switch to public grid or generator

Africa has a continuously growing middle class. Shopping malls, restaurants, and shops are popping up all over Africa. But still, electricity is a major factor in enabling local businesses and African countries to have access to global markets.


We are supplying Low-Cost cold rooms for poultry items for storage of chickens, turkeys, geese, ducks, eggs, etc. The initial cost is up to 50% less and Electricity consumption is up to 40% less. It operates on a Single-Phase power supply, Solar panels, or with Portable Generator. The cold rooms are supplied in modular form and are EASY TO ASSEMBLE YOURSELF. The price for a Poultry cold room of size 5*4*2.5 Meters for 0-25°C, without a Generator, is USD 4300.00 without Shipping Charges.

Low-cost modular cold rooms for poultry farms
These are modular cold rooms for the storage of poultry items on a large scale.

We have 3 main size hot sales in the market

3*1.6*2 meter  temperature range from -5 °C-10 °C for 2 Ton poultry meat

3*2*2.5 meter temperature range from -5 °C-10 °C for 3-4 Ton poultry meat

The cold rooms are suitable for even small poultry farms. You can simply install it in your existing space under a shade to protect it from sun and rain. The units are very easy to assemble. Any normal technician can assemble the same with our videos. The installation of the cooling units is similar to normal household AC units. Hence does not require any handling equipment, specialized manpower, etc.

Features of low-cost poultry cold storage rooms.

  1. It is up to 50% cheaper than the normal cold rooms which use conventional cooling units.
  2. It saves up to 40% of electricity compared to normal cold rooms.
  3. As power consumption is very low, you can connect to your existing home electricity. It requires electricity similar to a normal home AC unit only.
  4. If you don’t have a reliable power supply, you can use a small portable geneLow-Cost-Poultry-cold-room-Africarator.
  5. Also, the units can work on solar power.
  6. Based on your requirement, we can supply a small generator if you are operating in remote areas.

Product Description of Cheap Cold Storage Rooms for Poultry

Brief Title of the device: DFO brand, Low-Cost cold storerooms for poultry storage and poultry farms.
Brief Description of the device: Low-Cost cold rooms for poultry storage with special cooling units. The cooling units are similar to normal split AC units with Lower prices, lower energy consumption, and lower maintenance compared to conventional units.

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