Plasson Drinker

Plasson Drinker

  • Brand:Difengou
  • Color:Customized
  • Size:Large, Medium, Small
  • Package:Container
  • Service life:Over 20 years

Plasson Drinker

Plasson drinkers a water supply equipment used in the chicken farming waterlines. Used in chicken farms commonly, especially as water equipment for small chicken farms.
Product Composition: Plasson drinking is made of a water bowl, moved support, springs, water seal gasket and main pipe on the support, inlet pipe, etc. It has an anti-splash board around the inlet pipe on the support.
Automatic PE Material Plasson Chicken Drinker for Poultry Farm

Product Classification:

Using For Big Chicken:

Old Type: external diameter is 34cm, total height is 58cm
New type: New Type: external diameter is 34cm, total height is 33cm

Using For Small Chicken:

New type: external diameter is 23.5cm, total height is 25cm

Product Feature:

1. Made of pure polyethylene, anti-aging, non-polluting.
2. Novel design, reasonable structure, It saves labor cost.
3. Save water and feed, improve the environment, and make chickens drink fresh water every is an ideal drinker in a chicken farm.


The usage and control of Plasson drinker


1. Underuse
0 – 14 days 1 time/day
15-28 days 1 time/2 days
After 28 days 1 time/3 days

Cleaning Requirements:

Tool: a sewage bucket, a disinfectant bucket, and a dishcloth.
Automatic PE Material Plasson Chicken Drinker for Poultry Farm



a. Pour the rest water from Plasson into the sewage bucket.
b. Scrub the surfaces and sink of Plasson with a dishcloth moistened with disinfectant
c. Pour residual water from the Plasson sink into the sewage again.
d. The sewage should be taken outside of the coop and poured into a drainage ditch, Splashing on the inside floor is prohibited.
e. Disinfectant should be replaced timely according to specific circumstances.
f. Before and after immunity. also that day, it should be washed with water.
g.Request the disinfectant is low toxicity, highly efficient, non-corrosive, and non-irritating when chosen.

Automatic PE Material Plasson Chicken Drinker for Poultry Farm

Before use

Tool: bucket, dishcloth, shoe brush, Clean ball, disinfectant

a. Scrubing the Plasson clean with water, especially the surface of the tank wall where water is outflowed.
b. The fitted parts and connecting pipes also should be cleaned
c. Dredge the connecting pipe with a cheered tube if it is blocked.
d.Dipped into disinfectant after cleaning.
e.Hanged inside of the chicken coop

The height and water level of Plasson drinker

1.0-7 days put on the grid, eight days later raised as per growing of chickens
2. The upper edge of the sink is the same or slightly higher than the back of the chicken.
3. The water level in the sink is about 1/3-1/2 of the groove depth.
4. Fill half the water into a balance weight gourd.

Configurations of Plasson drinker

1. A plastic drinker is available for 80 broilers.
2. A 34 cm bell drinker is available for 80-100 chickens.


Plasson automatic drinker Diameter: 37cm Height: 33cm Water depth: 4.7cm
Plasson automatic drinker Diameter: 40cm Height: 42cm Water depth: 5.5cm

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