H Type Layer Battery Cage

H Type Layer Battery Cage

  • Brand:Difengou
  • Color:Customized
  • Size:Large, Medium, Small
  • Package:Container
  • Service life:Over 20 years

The H-type layer battery cages are designed for farms with over 30,000 layers in one house. Layers aged over 60 days can be put inside.

H type layer battery cage


The full set of equipment uses hot-dip galvanized material, corrosion-resistant, which ensures a service life of 20 years.

Intensive management and automated control. Achieve automatic feeding, drinking, manure cleaning, egg collecting, and environment control, which can help to improve working efficiency and save labor costs.

High-density raising saves land and investment.

Suitable for closed chicken houses. Automatic control of ventilation and temperature can meet the requirement of the birds.

H type layer chicken battery cage specification
Type Model Birds Qty/Door Birds Qty/Unit Specification
H-Type 3-Tier 2-Door 8 pcs 96 pcs 1200mm*625mm*480mm
4-Tier 2-Door 8 pcs 128 pcs 1200mm*625mm*480mm
5-Tier 2-Door 9 pcs 160 pcs 1200mm*625mm*480mm
6-Tier 2-Door 9 pcs 192 pcs 1200mm*625mm*480mm
7-Tier 2-Door 9 pcs 224 pcs 1200mm*625mm*480mm
8-Tier 2-Door 9 pcs 256 pcs 1200mm*625mm*480mm


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