5,000PCS layer chicken cage project in Tamale Ghana

Project Details

Project Background

This is a poultry farm located in Tamale Ghana. This is the first project of the farm, therefore they want to start from a small quantity, 5,000pcs layer bird. Since the farm location does not have an electric supply, they choose the manual system with a manual chicken cage solution.

Customer Requirement

Based on the fact that they do not have experience with poultry farming projects, and the farm land does not have an electric supply, we recommend customers use a manual chicken cage solution.

Project Solution

Based on our experience with the Ghana market, we understand that part of the city is with the electric problem. After discussing with the customer, we understand that human labor is available on their farm. Therefore a manual system with an auto drinking system

Equipment Details

It is 4-Tier A-type layer chicken cage project. Total 5,040pcs layer bird in one shed. Each shed is 2 rows, each row is 21 sets cage. The chicken shed is 46*8m. With an auto drinking system, their worker only needs to feed the bird, collect the eggs, and clean manure. For the whole project, they only need 3 workers to manage the daily work.

Advantage Of The Solution

A type layer chicken cage can reduce the investment of the poultry farm, it can help customers to start the poultry farm business easily. Since it is in the Africa market, they can start the poultry farm with an open chicken shed, which reduces the investment for the chicken shed. A-type cage can increase the ventilation inside the chicken shed, reduce the mortality of the birds.

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