10,000 Layers farm in Lome Togo

Project Details

Project Background

Farmers in Togo are cashing in from selling poultry products to international markets. This customer starts his new project for the first time, he wants to reduce human labor and, in the meantime, maximize the profit. His farm is near to Lome Togo.

Customer Requirement

Customers came to visit our factory, they learned that the new design feeding system can reduce feed waste, they finally chose the new design feeding system with A type layer chicken cage.

Project Solution

He will start with the day-old chick, so we designed two house equipment solutions for him

House 1: Automatic deep litter system for him to keep 10800 brooders from 1-60 days old.
House 2: A-type fully automatic layer chicken cage with 10,000pcs layer birds per shed.
It will have an automatic feeding machine, an automatic manure scrapper, a feed mill to produce the feed, and an egg grading machine to separate the eggs into different grades.

Equipment Details

This whole project is equipped with a fully automatic system, including * Cage system; * Auto drinking system; * Auto feeding system; Auto manure removal system; * Lighting system; * Auto control system

Advantage Of The Solution

The chain feeding system can deliver the feeds evenly and reduce feed waste. In the meantime, it can make sure each of the birds can have the same quantity of feed.

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